Thursday, May 20, 2010

mark the calendars

July 31st

Diamond District

The Cornel West Theory
Damu The Fudgemunk

& DJ Underdog

The Black Cat
1811 14th St. NW WDC 20009

$12 tickets at

18 + // Doors 9PM

Hosted by Grap Luva

Hope to see a lot of ya'll out there for this one! This will definitely be a show to remember! Its an honor to rock with these cats

Friday, May 14, 2010

DC Chillin'

The other day we stopped through to chat with the main man Lucas over at DURKL.

The brand has come a long way, and have done a great job since day one of expressing the exuberance and ambition of this local scene. Not to mention the CONNS brethren got ties with them as well. We're all on the up & up!

They've got some great stuff cooking up for the fall/winter line, and even more around the city.

check em out if you're around Gallery Place:

443 I Street, Northwest DC

Monday, May 10, 2010

DTMD X Reel Music Prod.

Toine and I have been Followed around by Reel Music productions for the past couple of months for a mini documentary they are shooting titled "Go Hard or Go Home". They decided to shoot different aspects of the independent artist's day to day. They Followed us up to a radio station interview up @UMD. They also filmed us at one of our shows and they wrapped up the documentary with an up close and personal Q&A and us in the Studio.
Check out the pictures from the Interview:
Video comming soon!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


First of all, thanks for checking us out. We dropped The Basics (EP) in January, shot a video for You in April (kinda backwards, right?) and now we've decided to start blogging. How much more backwards can we be? Anyways, we're here now. So keep your eyes & ears open for what we've got in store.

but if you aren't already familiar, its not too late

download our debut EP here:

1) intro
2) champion (feat. tier zero)
3) what that mean
4) fantastic (r.i.p. j dilla & baatin)
5) you
6) above the clouds

and check out our video for you.

DTMD - You from dunc & toine makin' dollas on Vimeo.