Monday, July 19, 2010

7/20/10 Update

Wassup people? I promised ya'll I was gonna try to do more updating on dis innanet stuff so we are. The show last Thursday with Ana Tijoux, Rebel Diaz & DJ Ethos was fun as hell. They are all good people to rock with and a nice sized crowd came out to support us.

The homie Chchcharlie was able to get a few good shots of us at work:

We've also got some more good news. We were just added to the Undercult showcase this Thursday which features Jerome Baker III & Black Milk at the Gibson Guitar Lounge (709 G St. NW). This is definitely something that you shouldn't miss if you're into good music. We'll reveal a great deal of songs from our upcoming LP, Makin' Dollas, and get loose as usual. Plus there'll be free liquor. I hope there's no more incentives needed for you.

Peace & Light
- Toine

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